What Sets Us Apart

Comprehensive and compassionate dental care with ultimate comfort and relaxation in a spa-like environment.
Centrally located in Shimla, our beautiful spa-like office can provide you with all your general/cosmetic needs with a team of distinguished dentists, specialists, and hygienists ALL in one office. Goma dental has made it more convenient for you to find us. Feel like you’re in a spa, not a dental office!

Dental Services

General Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
IV Sedation
Laser Dentistry
Nitrous oxide
Oral Surgery
Root Canals
In-Office Professional Whitening
The Wand Painless Anesthesia
Digital X-rays
Computer Imaging
Cerec (Same Day Crowns)

Spa Services

All spa services are available with any treatment, free of charge:
Massage Chair
Warm Neck Pillows
Keratin Hand Treatments
Hot Towels
Refreshing Eye Treatments

Office Facilities

Dedicated Consultation Room
Dedicated Relaxation/Recovery Area
Flat screen TV’s in every room
Interest-free Patient Financing

State-of-the-art technology to create healthy, gorgeous smiles, all in a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere.

Meet the Team

All our dentists adhere to the strict guidelines governing the profession under strict guidance from the Indian Dental Council “Standards for Dental Professionals”.

Coming soon…

  • Patient Satisfaction

    Our patients' happiness is paramount to us. We know that we cannot succeed unless they are completely satisfied with our work.

  • Patient Satisfaction

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  • High Quality Dental Treatment

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