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There are many people who are unhappy with their smile, making them feel self-conscious or embarrassed when around others. Many adults suffer in silence about having crooked or misaligned teeth, making their teeth harder to keep clean and putting them at increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

It’s a common misconception that orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth is only for youngsters and many adults think they are now too old for help, which is almost always never the case. Many also mistakenly believe that treatment is long, uncomfortable and there is always a need to wear chunky mental braces. These days we are able to offer a range of different braces and aligners that are virtually invisible and work much faster than conventional treatment.

If you’re affected by crooked teeth and are looking for a fast, aesthetically-pleasing way to straighten them, then you could be a candidate for Six Month Smiles. 

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary short-term orthodontic treatment that enables fast, painless and safe tooth straightening. Six Month braces can gently straighten your teeth in as little as six months, rather than several years, with the use of specialised clear braces, a procedure that is effective, safe and affordable. The brackets and wires used by Six Month Smiles are practically invisible in the mouth and patients report minimal pain or discomfort even when they are being adjusted.

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The benefits of Six Month Smiles clear braces include:

• An average treatment time of only six months
• The braces are clear and hardly noticeable in the mouth
• Teeth are straightened in a fraction of the time compared to traditional braces
• Treatment is virtually pain-free
• A more cost-effective remedy than other traditional orthodontic treatments

Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic treatment designed to help straighten adult front teeth so it is not a suitable treatment for children or for those with more complex orthodontic problems. However, your dentist here at Chelsea Dental Spa will quickly be able to recommend if Six Month Smiles is the right solution for you.



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