Considering dental implants? Then look no further…

At Goma dental we provide the very best in dental implant treatment – without the fear factor. If you are missing one or more teeth and feel self-conscious about your smile we can help you to restore your confidence and your smile with dental implants. Implants are a proven, well-established treatment that has been scientifically tested and documented and used by dentists worldwide for decades, and is now one of the most popular ways of replacing one or more missing or damaged teeth.

An implant is a small titanium metal screw that is carefully inserted by our skilled dental surgeons into the jawbone to replace a missing natural tooth root, acting as a support for crowns, bridges or holding dentures firmly in place. Your bone grows onto the implants in a process called osseointegration. After a few months the implants will form a permanent part of your body. Implants are an ideal aesthetic solution and once placed look, feel and function exactly as a normal tooth and looked after properly, in just the same way as you care for your natural teeth, can last for a great many years, or more likely a lifetime.

Implants offer a permanent and aesthetic solution to the problem of missing teeth and can radically improve the quality of your life. Eat the foods you enjoy once again – whether that’s apples, steaks – even corn on the cob – with confidence. Food will taste better and be easier to chew and digest. Implants are the ideal solution for tooth loss and eliminate the need for sticky denture adhesives, and even for dentures themselves.

Over time, the gaps left by missing teeth can affect your looks and make you look older. Implants can help you to maintain your bone structure and support your facial tissues to make you look and feel years younger. They can reduce, or even eliminate bone atrophy, which causes shrinkage or facial cosmetic changes and cause the face to sag.

Implants are by far the best solution to missing teeth and eliminate the need for cutting into healthy natural teeth on either side to replace one missing tooth as happens in alternative treatments. They offer a permanent aesthetic solution and best of all – cannot decay.

Go ahead – chew healthy and be healthy with dental implants!