We have created a extensive guide to our fees and treatment prices at our London clinic, we have ensured that our dental fees reflect the exceptional quality and holistic care you will receive with us, and represents the ultimate investment into your dental health and appearance.

We believe that exceptional dental care shouldn’t discriminate, we offer a range of financial and payment plans to make all of our dental treatments affordable, this now includes orthodontic treatments. We offer a range of consultation and treatment options to suit your dental needs and budget.
Please call and speak to one of our team who can assist you with advice on the most suitable consultation and treatment options for you.

Fee Guide
New Patient Exam/Oral Health Assesment
(Includes x-rays, oral cancer screening, periodontal assessment, and colour photo records)
Recall Examination
(Includes cancer screening and periodontal assessment)
Diagnostic Services
Digital Bite Wing / Periapical X-Ray (Small X-Ray)   £15 each
Digital Opg (Large X-Ray)   £45
Hygiene And Periodontal Treatment
Scaling, Polishing/Air Flow Stain Removal
(Simple scale removing plaque and calculus above the gums followed by air and powder stain removal for patients with staining on teeth. Oral hygiene instruction and advice also provided.)
Routine   £64
For Heavily Stained Cases (30-60 Mins)   £120
Periodontitis Treatment
(Detailed records, followed by a course of deep scaling to remove plaque and calculus above and below the gums in order to try and stabilise active gum disease)
£180 per Quadrant
Surgical Treatment
Simple Extractions
(Uncomplicated removal of a loose tooth not involving bone removal)
(Complicated extractions of heavily filled, broken teeth at risk of fracture that may require bone removal)
  £150 to £250
All Prices Starting From
Silver Fillings
(Traditional mercury based direct silver fillings, packed into the tooth cavity)
White Fillings
(Direct white filling which is built up in incremental layers and is bonded to the tooth)
From £95
Glass Ionomer
(Adhesive white filling which is used to repair broken fillings. Can be used in an emergency until a more long term solution is provided.)
Temporary Fillings
(Fillings placed in emergencies, until a permanent restoration can be placed.)
(A crown is a permanent covering that fits over an original tooth that is weak or worn down. We use several different types of crowns depending on a patient’s need and preference)
Porcelain Fused To Metal
(Consists of porcelain fused to a metal substructure )
From £550
All Porcelain Cosmetic Crowns
(High quality crown for visible regions and superior cosmetics)
From £800
(Thin porcelain covering to improve the look of heavily discoloured teeth or change the size and shape of teeth. Can be highly customized for a very natural look.)
From £750
Full Gold Crown
(Full Gold Crowns are traditionally recognized for their durability and are recommended for back teeth if appearance of metal is not a concern.)
From £800
Post And Core
(Metal or fiber glass based restoration that provides support for a crown.)
(Inlays are laboratory made restorations that fit into the tooth. They are indicated when the cavity is too large for a direct filling but there is enough tooth to avoid placing a crown. Various materials can be used.)
From £450
(Fixed treatment option for patients who wish to replace a lost or missing tooth.)
From £550 per unit
Dentures – Per Arch
(Plastic denture – full or partial to replace missing teeth)
Immediate Denture
(Denture immediately following an extraction)
Cobolt Chrome
(Metal denture framework with clasps on supporting teeth to give a tight fit)
Valplast/Flexible Denture
(A metal free, flexible denture which is thin and fits very tightly around adjacent teeth)
Denture Repair / Reline
(Repairs to a broken denture or reline to improve the fit of an old denture)
(Protective shields for teeth for various activities such as sports or protection from teeth grinding habits.)
Root Canal Treatment
Incisors And Canines   £350
Premolars   £450
Molars   £650
Emergency Extirpation
(Emergency removal of infected nerve tissue with medicament placement for pain relief until further treatment can be carried out.)
Whitening Services
Enlighten Combination Whitening
(A Highly Effective Combination Of Home Whitening Followed By In Surgery Whitening.)
Zoom Home Whitening
(At Home Whitening To Allow Gentle Whitening Over 2 Weeks)
Enlighten Refill Syringe
(Refill Syringe For Patients To Top-Up Their Whitening Result Or To Go That Bit Whiter!)
Orthodontic Treatment
(Orthodontic treatment to correct the appearance and position of teeth to help achieve a straighter smile.)
Braces Consultation -Free For A Limited Time
(Consultation to discuss suitability for the various braces systems offered and advice on various options available for each individual patient.)
Inman Aligner
(A single removable appliance which is effective in aligning the front teeth only.)
Clear Aligners/Invisable Braces
(Treatment using a series of clear ‘invisible’ braces to gradually move teeth)
From £3950
Six Month Smiles
(A fixed braces system using tooth coloured ceramic brackets and wires to straighten the teeth)
From £1850
(A fixed braces system available in either metal or tooth coloured ceramic options to straighten the teeth and roots in a very short period of time!)
From £1500
(Bonded or invisible brace to keep teeth straight)
Implant Services
(Includes x-rays and implant viability and assessment)
Single Implant
(Titanium root with porcelain crown to replace a missing tooth or teeth)
Bone Grafting
(Replacing bone to hold an implant within the jaw bone)
From £800